Cycle Isolation Monitor (CIM)

Thermal System Software for Cycle Isolation Monitoring

CIM is a unique software product designed and developed for advanced cycle isolation and secondary cycle leakage predictions. This is a valuable tool for any thermal performance program to quantify generation, heat rate and flow loss from valve problems. CIM is unique in offering up to five different methods to predict valve leakages, providing the user with confidence in the results. This information is then used to prioritize maintenance and repair of valves.

The software takes inputs from a plant walkdown or directly from the plant computer. The CIM software can be purchased as a stand alone software package or as part of our Thermal System Monitoring Platform TSM Enterprise.


TSM Enterprise Software Suite

Thermal System Monitoring TSM Enterprise
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Cycle Isolation Monitor TSM Enterprise CIM
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Thermodynamic Property Tables for Water and Steam TSM Enterprise Steam

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