Monitoring & Testing

In today’s power industry, plant personnel have fewer resources and time available to quantify one of the most critical aspects of a power plant: thermal performance. GSE Engineering, Programs & Performance group (formerly True North Consulting) is highly qualified to perform routine thermal performance and equipment acceptance testing. Our engineers have extensive experience in various types of power plant testing in accordance with the applicable industry standard test codes (ASME, ATC, ASHRA, etc.)

Thermal Performance Monitoring

GSE’s Thermal System Monitoring (TSM) software will provide analysis and reporting of the thermal performance of power plants, helping reduce manpower, errors, and costs in operations.

Thermal Performance Testing

Results from thermal performance tests assist plants in quantifying equipment performance, identifying and quantifying losses, minimizing or preventing future losses, and optimizing unit operation. Additionally, testing can be used to meet environmental or grid controller requirements.

Our Capabilities

  • Heat Rate testing
  • Capacity testing
  • Steam Turbine testing (nuclear, fossil, combined cycle)
  • Gas Turbine testing
  • Feedwater Heater testing
  • Cooling Tower testing
  • Boiler testing
  • Pump testing
  • Condenser testing
  • Accurate flow testing
  • Diagnostics
  • Troubleshooting
  • Overall plant monitoring
  • Heat Exchanger testing
  • Moisture Separator Reheater testing


  • Participate in an on-site kick-off meeting
  • Prepare information request
  • Review plant schematics, P&IDs, heat balances and other plant data
  • Prepare detailed test procedures following applicable test codes
  • Provide sufficient manpower to install and validate test instrumentation properly
  • Perform pretest analysis with thermodynamic modeling software
  • Prepare test calculation spreadsheet using TP-PLUS TSM Thermal System Monitoring Software
  • Prepare cycle isolation analysis using TP-PLUS CIM Valve Leakage Analysis Software
  • Provide on-site test supervision, coordination and support
  • Perform detailed data reduction, test data analysis
  • Deliver a peer-reviewed, comprehensive final report with incorporation of customer comments
  • Perform on-site plant walk-down


GSE uses state-of-the-art, high-accuracy instrumentation, data acquisition systems and software. Another benefit to using GSE is the ability to measure critical system accurately flows with advanced cross-correlation flow measurement techniques.

Support and Additional Services

As a feature of our “total plant solution” approach, we can integrate thermodynamic modeling, analysis and other unique plant optimization concepts for consideration as an extension to our testing services or as an adjunct to a client’s testing program.

Testing Benefits

  • Schedule maintenance outages
  • Evaluate equipment modifications
  • Evaluate changes in operating procedures
  • Detect location of performance changes
  • Establish baseline performance for major equipment
  • Meet environmental commitments (316.b)
  • Diagnose performance degradation
  • Independently evaluate turbine retrofits (3rd party evaluations)
  • Assist load dispatching to reduce overall utility fuel usage
  • Evaluate energy credits or carbon usage

GSE Engineering Logo

GSE Engineering is a highly experienced team focused on creating innovative ways to meet our customers’ needs using a combination of our industry-leading services and products. The Programs & Performance group (Formerly True North Consulting) leverages decades of specialized expertise in thermal performance and engineering programs that refine and update systems, to optimize performance and safety.

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