WEBINAR: Understanding DVR for MUR Approach & Implementation

Data Validation and Reconciliation (DVR) is key to lowering uncertainties for core thermal power measurements and subsequent Measurement Uncertainty Recapture (MUR) uprates. The NRC recently approved the EPRI Topical Report 3002018337 for the DVR for MUR application, and GSE experts were primarily involved in the regulatory review and approval process. This advanced application allows for potential uprates and increases in electrical generation of up to 1.5%!

The webinar covers:

  • EPRI Topical Report 3002018337 for the DVR for MUR highlights
  • Current use of DVR models in the US
  • An approach for using DVR for MUR uprates
  • The conditions and limitations of the application included in the NRC Safety Evaluation
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GSE also offers Data Validation and Reconciliation (DVR) services and TSM Enterprise. These solutions can integrate seamlessly with our DVR modeling processes and other software tools already in use at your plant. These solutions provide analysis and reporting of plant thermal performance, helping to reduce staffing, errors, and costs in operations.

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