Senior Reactor Operator (SRO) Certifications

SRO Courses for Instructors & Management (ANSI-ANS 3.1)

Offered to NRC licensed utility sites only, Senior Reactor Operator (SRO) certifications are an important piece of a well-trained workforce. For instructors this certification is a key component of the qualifications and confidence needed to teach others, for management, it is critical to have an appreciation for and understanding of the daily issues that can arise.

This program was created in accordance with ANSI-ANS 3.1 1993 selection, qualification, and training of personnel for nuclear power plants. The goal of the program is to provide SRO equivalency certification training to personnel not previously licensed or certified on a reactor plant.

The program is customizable based upon student experience and class size. It can be conducted onsite or offsite.


  • Reactor Power Plant Theory
  • Plant Systems Training
  • Formal Simulator Training
  • Structured Reviews
  • Simulator Exercises
  • Final Examination


  • Instructors will be responsible for development and implementation phases of the SAT process.
  • Review/revise training materials as necessary during preparation prior to teaching in the classroom or simulator.
  • Review/revise evaluation items as necessary during preparation prior to administration of any written exams/quizzes and administer simulator evaluations.
  • Conduct post-exam/quiz reviews with the candidates to include determination of candidate weaknesses.
  • Develop any required remedial training forms for failures or poor performance from written exams/quizzes or simulator evaluations.
  • Coordinate the collection of student feedback and address all student comments.
  • Instructors will have prior experience as an Operations Training Instructor and will be SRO licensed or certified.

Instructors will provide enough documentation to support qualification as classroom and simulator instructors in accordance with the station’s equivalent qualification program, including previous instructor qualification and SRO certification or license.

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The standard ANSI 3.1 program consists of:

  • BWR Course ~ 660 hours
  • PWR Course ~ 720 hours

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