Turn-Key Training

Turn-key training programs may be the most effective and economical way of fulfilling your training needs. GSE turn-key programs provide quality training content, including competencies, knowledge and skill objectives, class resources and assessments.

Turn-key training programs may be the most effective and economical way of fulfilling your ASME, ANSI, and SRO training requirements. There’s no need to reinvent content or curriculum – our industry-leading experts have done the work for you. Turn-key solutions can be used to meet 90 percent of all your requirements, offering significant time and cost benefits.

Operator Training Programs
Give your employees the knowledge and confidence they need to do their job well.

  • ACAD Fundamentals (Math, Science)
  • ANSI Fundamentals (Math and Sciences)
  • Generic Fundamentals (GFES)
  • SRO Certification for Instructors & Management (ANSI-ANS 3.1)
  • Licensed/Non-Licensed Operator Initial Training
  • Licensed Operator Re-qualification
  • Operator Training
  • Technical Training for Engineers
  • Electrical/Mechanical/I&C Maintenance and Technical Training
  • Radiation Worker/Chemistry
  • Power Plant Familiarization
  • Control Room Operator Qualification
  • Full-scope simulation (Nuclear)
  • Glass-panel simulators (Thermal)
  • On-Demand Control Training (Process)

Engineering Programs Training

Comprehensive courses address a full spectrum of topics including ASME Code and Regulatory Based Engineering Programs.

Thermal Performance Training

Course lays a foundation in theory, provides practical methods for thermal performance program development and explains how to detect and recover lost generation and efficiency due to component or systemic problems.

As part of GSE Solutions group, GSE Hyperspring supports operational excellence in the power industry. We leverage our highly specialized top field expertise in staffing, training and consulting to alleviate pressure from critical operational workforce reductions and critical knowledge gaps.


Our structured, process-driven approach uses SAT/ADDIE methodology. It’s your assurance that your training program will be reliable and effective in terms of cost, quality and outcomes.


Required certifications for job placement or for Continuing Education Units (CEU) credits to for Professional Development Hours (PDH) needed to fulfill Professional Engineers.