Procedure Professionals Association (PPA) Writer Certification Course

Boost your confidence and credibility. Become PPA certified today.

Procedures drive the safe and efficient operation of nuclear power plants. Some can be complicated that is why they need to be well written, clearly understood and accurate to support error-free performance.

The Procedure Professionals Association (PPA) is the US nuclear industry’s collective voice and leader in procedure writing and processing. Individuals and companies in all industries, specifically those with technical procedures on how to operate and maintain a facility, can benefit from procedure writing certification by the PPA.

PPA certification courses are delivered in a high energy, engaging environment. Students receive invaluable lessons learned and best practices developed over our years of policy and procedure (P&P) experience. We teach writers about the challenges that procedure users face, proven human factored design techniques, and best practices that will make writers more efficient and effective. This course covers the following procedure writing topics:

  • Human Performance
  • Human Factors
  • Procedure Use & Adherence
  • Procedure Writer’s Manual
  • Procedure Process

An experienced instructor will conduct the course and ensure students are provided with the tools needed to build superior policies and procedures at your firm. We take pride in customizing our curriculum to address the unique needs of each client, as well as offering our standard PPA certification course.

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Cost: $900

As part of GSE Solutions group, GSE Absolute supports operational excellence in the power industry. They are experts in procedures and staffing and are able to leverage their experts to provide flexibility in hiring and lift pressure from plants with an aging workforce or critical operational gaps.