GSE brings over 25 years of applying thermodynamic theories and procedures to these training courses.

Thermal Performance

Thermal performance is the overall evaluation of a power plant’s electrical production with respect to its fuel consumption expressed in heat rate (BTU/KWH).  For nuclear power plants, an improved heat rate will translate to more electricity being provided to the grid and increased revenue to the plant.

GSE thermal performance solutions are focused on maximizing commercial advantage through increased efficiencies, reliability, and optimization of power/fuel ratios. We bring significant engineering and plant experience to our suite of analytical services.

Program Assessment

  • Thermal Performance Modeling
  • Power Calculation Evaluation
  • Secondary Valve Leakage (CIM)
  • MWe Improvement Recommendations

Lifecycle Engineering Analysis

  • Turbine Cycle / Megawatt Loss Evaluations
  • Lifecycle Studies (Major Components)
  • Major Component Warranty Validations
  • Data Reconciliation Applications

Monitoring & Testing Services

  • Develop/Enhance On-line Monitoring Capability
  • Plant Testing Services