Targeted, agile solutions that reduce risk and optimize performance are the result of our specialized expertise and innovative technology.

Services for success.

GSE delivers impactful services backed by industry-leading experience and expertise in training and systems, engineering, and compliance. We are committed to continually optimizing these services with respect to cost, technical adequacy, and overall value to our clients.

We deliver operational support services you can trust. It is important that we take the time to develop relationships and understand our customers’ objectives, so that we can accurately and efficiently address both short- and long-term needs in a safe, timely, and cost-effective manner.

Engineering Programs

Our processes optimize program development, upgrades, and implementation for the nuclear power industry. We offer comprehensive Engineering Program services that emphasize ASME Code and Regulatory Based Programs for Detailed Program Assessments, Configurable Software Applications, Training, Basis Documentation, Program Interval Updates, and Program Implementation Support.

Engineering Design

We serve our clients through all phases of a project lifecycle, from problem evaluation and conceptual design, to budget, planning and controls, to engineering, implementation and close out.

Our engineering competencies include project studies, design modifications and implementation support, engineering analysis as well as development of specifications.

Thermal Performance

We help to improve plant performance with powerful analytic programs that spot weaknesses and opportunities, and help to generate more energy, reliably and efficiently.

The GSE staff brings significant engineering and plant experience to bear, and stays actively involved in industry committees and initiatives, and is proactive in gaining technology and experience-based advancements.

Training Solutions

GSE applies our specialized technology and expertise in all aspects of plant operations and simulations to create agile, end-to-end training solutions that reduce risk and optimize performance. We offer training programs to fit every need, from turnkey to custom, to help you retain talent knowledge and help your operators run your plant safely and efficiently.