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Screening & Selection

Effective screening and selection to create a skilled workforce

Any effort to develop a stable, skilled workforce begins with a quality screening and selection process. Stop wasting time and money on candidates who aren’t likely to excel or who are looking to take their new skills and change jobs.

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Now you can get a thorough screening and selection service – customized for your specific job functions – as part of our E2E solution. Leveraging the use of simulation technology and web-based screening tools, our employment assessment partners will help you hire dependable candidates who work safely and perform their jobs effectively.   Each employee assessment tool is designed to be a quick, easy-to-administer method of employment screening for a wide range of positions. Administered at the top of the hiring funnel, these tools help determine which candidate is most likely to fit your general profile for productivity and who best fits the specific roles that you need to fill.

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Meet John.

John’s been an operator and shift supervisor for 35 years. He’s operated multiple process units, maintained plant equipment and ensured the safe, continuous production of on-spec products. That includes seven turnarounds and scores of unplanned shutdowns and incidents. John mentored dozens of operators and turned them into experts. Now John is gone. He retired to the beach just as he always dreamed. Who is going to fill John’s boots?

Meet Luis.

Luis is a sharp young man with big dreams. He wants to start his career at the local refinery and work his way up to control room operator. But he has one problem – experience. He studied hard and did well in school. He even attended a local technical college. How does he translate the book knowledge into practical skills for the refinery? How can Luis get the training to be a contributing employee as quickly as possible?

Nuclear Power Screening & Selection Service

Training operators to safely and efficiently operate a nuclear power plant is a time-consuming and expensive proposition. If students “wash out” of training halfway through the process or leave after getting their license, that can be a very real disruption to your business and impact to your bottom line. Your success is not solely dependent on the trainees’ knowledge of the subject matter. Attitude, “safety culture” and their ability to handle stress are all critical factors. GSE wil help you assess these key factors before you invest in training. We will employ proven assessment techniques to help ensure you create the training pipeline you need with students who have the greatest probability of success.

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Thermal Power Screening & Selection Service

Optimal staffing is key to success. Of course, finding the right staff requires measuring technical capability. But other attributes are critical as well. Is the candidate safety minded? Is he a team player? Can he remain calm under intense stress and be able to prioritize critical information?  GSE can employ proven assessment techniques to help ensure you create the training pipeline you need with students who have the greatest probability of success.

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Petroleum Screening & Selection Service

Experienced operators are retiring at an alarming rate. Replacing that experience and talent requires finding new candidates that have the skills and attitudes that fit the job function as well as the company culture. Training new employees is expensive so ensuring you are putting the right candidates into the training program is the critical first step. GSE can help increase the probability of success through proven screening and selections methods designed around the specific job functions you need to fill.

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