Developed and designed by experts with decades of field experience, GSE solutions meet industry needs and enhance plant operations.

Delivering peak performance.

GSE products reflect our dual focus on innovative technology and safety. Each experience-based product or solution is optimized with regards to cost, technical adequacy, and overall value, to better meet the needs of the power generation industry today and tomorrow.

The GSE team brings significant engineering expertise and plant experience to bear, and stays actively involved in industry committees and initiatives, and is proactive in gaining technology and experience-based advancements.

Full-Scope Simulators

Offering a variety of superior training environments including full-scope, classroom trainers and upgrades for both modern and legacy systems.

On-Demand Training Solutions

The support you need to develop or maintain a highly skilled workforce.

Thermal Performance Software

Optimize your plant with software that provides incredible insights and analysis.

Engineering Program Software

Modern engineering programs software suite, built on industry standards and best practices.

Advanced Models Software

The most accurate, highest-level of advanced modeling technologies on the market.

Platforms & Development Tools

Flexible designs that can be applied to any any plant operation or 3rd party system.