For projects of significance that lead to operational excellence, trust our deep knowledge and unmatched experience in power generation.

Expert consultants and workforce solutions.

Our people are so important because our customers count on them. For consulting and staffing. For operations and analysis. For training and technical support. GSE has a deep bench of licensed professionals with over 2000 years of combined company service. Our team includes top experts and thought leaders in regulatory and standards organizations.

We go to great lengths to find the very best match for our customers staffing and consulting needs. We know how important it is to minimize the costs and time spent finding the right employees for specialized work. We focus on identifying, recruiting and screening quality employees so our customers don’t have to.

Staff Augmentation

We provide qualified people to help accomplish the sometimes-overwhelming burden of your business or to assist with those challenges that require a special skill set.

Workforce Solutions

From temporary technical support to permanent placement, GSE’s value-added workforce solutions are flexible and cost-effective.

Expert Consultants

Our intimate understanding of our customers’ needs allows us to accurately match the right subject matter experts or teams to each project for efficient, impactful results.