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May 2016 Newsletter

Latest news, projects and happenings going on at GSE

Featured Articles

GSE's Role in NuScale's Design Certification

Nuclear Engineering International Magazine

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Cloud based SaaS for learning anytime, anywhere

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A fleet solution for nuclear operator training simulators

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MAAP Containment

Replacing legacy models with EPRI's engineering code

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Enhancing Simulation with Best Estimate Code

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Redefining DORT

Significant upgrade for Daily Operational Readiness Test

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Latest Blogs

How to bring your new CCGT staff up to speed

Combined Cycle Power Plants these days are like gas stations; whenever one starts up, another one crops up across the corner. Competition is fierce and with a small team, this puts a strain on the plant and heightens risk.

Looking for the ‘easy’ button? A simulator maintenance agreement could be the answer.

To keep your simulator and plant in sync requires effort, and often taxes an already busy staff. A little pre-planning can make everyone’s life easier. That’s where a simulator maintenance agreement shines.

Helping thermal power plants operate ‘closer to the edge’ — How traditional power can be profitable in the age of renewables

Conventional power plants burning coal and natural gas need to seize every opportunity to be profitable in this new energy era.

‘Second simulator’ project reaches another major milestone

The first of three US nuclear power plants for which GSE is building a full-scope second simulator has completed Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT), another major project milestone.

Is your simulator’s electrical model meeting industry standards?

High-fidelity electrical modeling software allows your plant operations staff to train on the unusual events highlighted in recent guidelines and which are based on historical events.

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2017 Contracts & Orders Tally





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GSE Unveils New Cloud-Based Learning Solution for Engineering and Operations Workforce

In December, GSE announced a new cloud-based training platform, EnVision™ Learning On-Demand, that significantly extends the capabilities of its industry leading EnVision™ tutorials and simulations.

GSE has released this next-generation learning product in response to the industry’s need for a structured learning program with broader and easier access to learning materials and the capability for either self-paced or instructor-led learning.  EnVision Learning On-Demand greatly enhances customers’ workforce development programs.  Clients can now bring engaging learning environments remotely to their professionals in operations and engineering so long as they have a web browser and internet connectivity.

The new cloud delivery platform increases client access to learning while reducing the cost of delivering content-rich training to anyone in the organization.  EnVision Learning On-Demand offers a simple way to deliver courses with specific learning objectives and competencies, in a SaaS model, and in the cloud.

Benefits include:

  • Enhanced Accessibility –
    Enables access via web browser from any location, eliminating the need for local installation
  • Improved Integration –
    Facilitates integration with existing customer Learning Management Systems and provides a mechanism for blending learning content and skill-building exercises focused on competency outcomes
  • Enriched Content –
    Provides extensive, structured simulation exercises to reinforce learning and to assess comprehension and competency

The new cloud delivery platform has been well received by current EnVision users.

GSE recently launched an Early Adopter Program (EAP) for EnVision Learning On-Demand to gather feedback from key users of the product.  Training program managers for an existing client, a large international oil and gas company, see the new system’s structured learning approach fitting well into their internal training program, primarily addressing fundamental training before classroom instruction.  With EnVision Learning On-Demand, the client can better prepare trainees for intermediate and advanced unit specific training.

Read the full press release here.

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GSE’s latest simulation platform selected by a major client as fleet solution for nuclear operator training simulators

GSE’s latest simulation platform, OpenSim™ 7.0, is being implemented as a fleet solution across all nuclear plant sites for an existing client operating in the southern United States.

Standardizing on the new platform will enable the utility to optimize future simulation engineering work across its fleet of plants and more easily integrate future digital systems.

GSE’s latest enhancements in OpenSim 7.0 leverage GSE’s common simulation engine that serves as the backbone of many nuclear power plant training simulators in use today in the United States and internationally.

The GSE platform provides out-of-the-box support for:

  • Connectivity: OPC and third party Distributed Control Systems (DCS)
  • Engineering Simulation: GSE’s high-definition executive (HDX client/server) simulation engine supports advanced simulation codes such as Idaho National Laboratory’s (INL) RELAP5-3D and the Electric Power Research Institute’s (EPRI) MAAP
  • Performance Monitoring: advanced monitoring and trending package via JDashboard™

Read the full press release here.

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Why Choose MAAP for Containment Model Upgrades?

Many industry containment models are legacy models in need of updating for compliance, accuracy, and/or optimization. Plants have choices when it comes to implementing containment upgrades, but there are specific advantages to updating with an engineering-grade solution, specifically MAAP.

The Electric Power Research Institute's (EPRI) Modular Accident Analysis Program (MAAP) code is an engineering and licensing grade code for assessing off-normal transients, including severe accidents, that is used consistently across the global nuclear fleet.

Advantages of a MAAP containment model include:

  • Model fidelity - includes built-in functionality for difficult to model phenomena such as containment spray, sparging effects, and post-LOCA effects
  • Community of practice - existing licenses are likely in place, expertise on site for making changes as needed
  • Parameter inputs - highly pedigreed from design models, consistent with site engineering models, highly detailed nodes compared to other software solutions

GSE has a wealth of experience completing containment upgrades with MAAP.

Contact us for more information.

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RELAP5-HD™ for TH Modeling - Challenges & Resolutions

As the nuclear power plant simulation industry desires to integrate certified best estimate engineering modeling tools, the users need to defend the validity of their simulator's response.

That's where GSE comes in. Through a close working relationship with the original RELAP code developers at Idaho National Laboratory (INL), we've been able to bring RELAP5 into our HD environment.

The development of GSE's RELAP5-HD™ solves the issues related to integrating RELAP with the simulator by:

  • Removing the limitations of the proverbial "black box"
  • Correcting the computational inefficiencies and instabilities for use in real-time application
  • Guarantee real-time and repeatable performance

Contact us for more information.

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Redefining DORT - When we notice something can be done better, we act!

Thanks to GSE's bright young engineers' outside the box thinking, GSE developed a new DORT application as part of a larger full-scope simulator project.

The application takes what is a standard requirement in nuclear power plant simulators, the Daily Operational Readiness Test (DORT), and improved upon it.

GSE's DORT application

  • Vastly improved user interface
  • Better troubleshooting
  • Optimized for touch devices
  • Can be run offline and simulator free
  • I/O agnostic
  • Provides audio with corresponding frequency scale
  • Includes testing of compatible synchroscope devices

GSE's DORT application will be available as part of the OpenSim 7.1 release. One more reason to opt for GSE's software maintenance plan! Contact us today to learn more.

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Open Career Positions
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Upcoming Events

Mar 19-20 - Nuclear Industry Summit Latin America - Buenos Aires, Argentina

We look forward to seeing you at the 3rd Annual Nuclear Industry Summit Latin America (NISLA) which focuses on nuclear new builds, project updates, and regulatory framework for Latin America.

June 17-21 - ANS Annual Meeting - Philadelphia, PA, USA

GSE is attending the 2018 ANS Annual Meeting. This year's theme is “Driving the Future of Nuclear Technology”.

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