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January- February 2017 Newsletter

Latest news, projects and happenings going on at GSE

Featured Articles

Industry Perspective: Insights from Industry Conferences

We’re only a few months into 2017, but GSE has attended some of the industry’s top shows on training for the power generation industry. We’ve compiled some of the insights into this perspectives article.

GSE Systems Awarded a Significant Contract Expansion by EDF Energy, Increasing Backlog to Approximately $75 Million at Year End

In early January, we announced that GSE has been awarded an expanded contract to implement a significant upgrade to the control room station simulation system for EDF Energy’s Torness nuclear power plant in the United Kingdom.

Software Updates: SimExec® 4.6 and OpenSim™ 7.0

SimExec® 4.6 – run multiple MSTs together and use LoadManager for configuration

OpenSim™ 7.0 – OPC, HDX, and JDashboard™ functionality

New EnVision™ Instrumentation Tutorial

This interactive course explains the fundamental concepts of instrumentation used in the process and power industries

Upcoming Events

Perspectives from Industry Conferences


From a nuclear perspective, PowerPlantSim gave the simulator industry an opportunity to hear from plant operators and their simulator partners on recently completed and currently underway simulator modifications or upgrade projects. These types of presentations always provide helpful tips and tricks for doing more with less.

Presentations involving GSE included Southern Nuclear’s procurement of 3 full-scope simulators and Brunswick Nuclear Plant’s simulator rehost and model upgrade project.

The fossil session changed quite a bit this year with the absorption of the WUTAB (Western Utilities Advisory Board) conference into the schedule and the participation of training professionals around the US. We’d be amiss to not mention the passing of our dear friend and WUTAB champion Bruce Kelly. Bruce was an avid supporter of both WUTAB and PowerPlantSim and led the charge to bring the two together to ensure that WUTAB members could continue to share with each other.

Many of this year’s papers focused on the effectiveness of modeling and simulators for engineering as well as virtual commissioning. It also seems that the industry is preparing for future delivery methods such as cloud or local servers and varying license arrangements which prompted discussion around security aspects that the industry must address.

GSE gave presentations discussing early delivery partial task simulators to support fast track projects and the use of a high-fidelity simulator for virtual commissioning of the 1000MW Manjung 5 plant.

Contact us to request a copy of a presentation.


A common theme running through many of the presentations and discussions at the Conference on Nuclear Training and Education was how to rectify the need to Deliver the Nuclear Promise by improving training. In other words, how to deliver equal or better training through a faster, less costly delivery mode. Two years ago at CONTE, novel training solutions were “interesting” but nobody saw the immediate need. The sentiment has shifted and the industry is looking for new ways to deliver training that will engage new learners, shorten the time to competency and help training organizations meet their obligations to Deliver the Nuclear Promise.

Throughput of students continues to stress the current simulator platforms. Several utilities discussed their throughput solutions through a variety of projects from building duplicate full-scope simulators (panels, I&C, the whole works) to virtual softpanel control rooms with complete one-to-one panel graphic representation of the control room I&C on a full-scale mockup. Look for our upcoming blog on the value of the 2nd glasstop simulator.

Civil Nuclear Showcase

GSE was invited to attend the Civil Nuclear Showcase in London. The UK is planning to develop 18GW of electricity through new build activities including Hinkley Point C and Sizewell (EPRs), NuGen (AP1000), Horizon (ABWR), CGN (HPR1000) and the potential for SMRs. The UK nuclear industry has taken a coordinated approach where the utilities are collaborating with each other, government and education to develop the skills needed for the estimated 9,000 full time equivalent workers needed per year. The challenge is not only attracting this number of workers to the industry, but also timing the development to match the industry needs.

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GSE Systems Awarded a Significant Contract Expansion by EDF Energy, Increasing Backlog to Approximately $75 Million at Year End

Torness power station

Torness power station

GSE has been awarded an expanded contract to implement a significant upgrade to the control room station simulation system for EDF Energy’s Torness nuclear power plant in the United Kingdom. The contract, modified in December 2016, follows an initial award from EDF Energy in August 2016 for the design phase of the project. GSE expects the implementation phase of the project to commence in mid-2017 and be completed within three years. The Company ended 2016 with backlog of approximately $75 million, which is up over 56% from December 31, 2015.

The Torness station started generating electricity in 1988. In February 2016 EDF Energy announced it was extending the operating life of Torness by seven years to 2030. As part of EDF Energy’s commitment to safety and training, and an integral part of its training program accreditation process, EDF Energy made the decision to upgrade the existing simulator that was originally commissioned in 1988. The new simulation platform takes advantage of today’s advanced modeling capabilities and will provide a modern platform to extend the useful life of the simulator and plant.

GSE will maintain the existing simulator instrumentation and control panels while upgrading the computing system, all plant models and the control systems on the simulator. The Company will use its industry-leading JADE™ suite of simulation tools to develop modern and sustainable models for the Unit 1 control room simulator and develop a new model for the Unit 2 plant. This will enable EDF Energy to operate the simulators in an integrated fashion for a wide range of training scenarios. In addition to the control room simulator, the Company will provide classroom simulators and a debriefing room simulator to enable students to take advantage of simulation technology across a multitude of learning environments.

Read the full press release here.

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Software Updates: SimExec® 4.6 and OpenSim™ 7.0

SimExec® 4.6 – run multiple MSTs together and use LoadManager for configuration

LoadManager for configuring your simulator environment

The move from SimExec 4.5.2 to 4.6 enables  multiple simulator loads to interface with each other.  The new functionality will allow passing variables between separate MST’s enabling common systems such as steam, auxiliary start up, or cooling water systems to interface with each other. Now that you’re able to run multiple Master Synchronization Tasks (MSTs) together with enhanced communication,  your simulation training has even a higher level of realism. Consider that you may want to train the operators on units 1 and 2 at the same time, enabling them to experience the effects of shared system availability on the opposite unit. If all plant unit simulators are on the same network, a regional training manager could monitor simulator training across multiple sites in real time.

The addition of LoadManager to SimExec 4.6 for Windows® installations provides an extremely useful tool for configuring your simulator environment with a single action. Imagine the flexibility of creating, storing and loading various simulator configurations from any computer on your simulator network using a client server based program with a GUI front end. Create configurations such as Development, Testing and Training and quickly apply those configurations to every computer in your simulator network with a simple click of the mouse.

OpenSim™ 7.0 –OPC, HDX and JDashboard™ functionality

JDashboard for advanced monitoring and trending

The new core configuration for OpenSim 7.0 supports data transfer connectivity for OPC and HDX client integration. OPC is an industry standard communication protocol widely used for DCS and other external system communications. This means when you are adding a new Digital Turbine Control or Digital Feedwater system, the communication protocols are already built into your OpenSim executive, allowing a simple configuration to get your system up and running.

The addition of HDX client and server routines enables OpenSim instances to connect with advanced codes such as RELAP5-HD™, EPRI’s MAAP (PSA-HD™, DesignEP™), Studsvik’s S3R and others.

JDashboard is a GSE tool for advanced monitoring and trending. In addition to monitoring simulator variables, JDashboard can evaluate expressions during runtime, such as the average of two flows. The tool also offers more control over modules to help speed up debugging by allowing simulation engineers to control module execution in a variety of ways during run time. Finally, enhanced frame reporting helps you to optimize models to ensure they run in real time and balance your CPU loading. This is an especially important tool for monitoring and reporting on advanced codes which have more of a chance of slipping from real time due to the CPU requirements.

Thanks to our software team for great releases!

Contact Us for a more comprehensive list of product enhancements and/or a product demo.

Did you know that the latest software updates are included with all GSE maintenance? View our infographic to see how the GSE maintenance plan works and contact us for more information.

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New EnVision™ Instrumentation Tutorial

This new, interactive course explains the fundamental concepts of Instrumentation used in the process and power industries. The tutorial includes chapters on various measuring instruments, analyzers, final control elements, transmission and communication, and process monitoring and control systems.

Process operators and engineers will become familiar with various types of instrumentation, their interconnections and how Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) and Distributed Control Systems (DCS) measure and control the various parameters in the plant.

This new tutorial is a perfect accompaniment to GSE’s other fundamentals tutorials and is perfectly suited for new trainees/workers being introduced to the industrial environment.

View the Instrumentation Training Tutorial datasheet here and contact us for more information.

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EnVision Instrumentation Tutorial

EnVision™ Instrumentation Tutorial – Introduction

EnVision Instrumentation Tutorial

EnVision™ Instrumentation Tutorial – Variable Area Flowmeters

Open Career Positions
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Upcoming Events

Civil Nuclear Showcase 2017

Feb 28-Mar 1 – Civil Nuclear Showcase – London, UK

The Civil Nuclear Showcase is a unique event within the UK nuclear calendar. With an established reputation as the premier sector event within the UK, it provides valuable insights in to the civil nuclear marketplace and connects the industry with key stakeholders….Read More

RIC 2017

Mar 14-16 – Regulatory Information Conference (RIC) – North Bethesda, MD, USA

The 29th Annual U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s (NRC’s) Regulatory Information Conference (RIC) is the largest technical meeting sponsored by the NRC – bringing together diverse groups of stakeholders to learn, share, and discuss information on significant and…Read More

International SMR and Advanced Reactor Summit 2017

Mar 30-31 – International SMR and Advanced Reactor Summit – Atlanta, GA, USA

The 7th Annual International SMR and Advanced Reactor Summit is the world’s largest platform to overcome the design, licensing, financing and commercialization hurdles facing the industries. GSE will be in attendance and we hope to see you there! Please contact us to…Read More

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