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August-September 2016 Newsletter

Latest news, projects and happenings going on at GSE

Featured Articles

GSE Awarded Two International Projects to Modernize Nuclear Simulators, Increasing Company Backlog by More Than $6 Million

In early September, we announced that we were awarded contracts to provide mission-critical updates to multi-unit nuclear site simulator platforms for customers in the UK and Japan.

North Carolina State University Computer Simulation Laboratory Licenses GSE's GPWR simulation technology

GSE recently participated in the dedication of the Dr. Thomas S. Elleman Computer Simulation Laboratory at North Carolina State University on August 25, 2016.

Customer Metrics Show GSE is Exceeding Expectations

Customer feedback is an important part of our continuous improvement. We’re especially proud of the extent to which we are exceeding expectations in delivering project value and our impressive Net Promoter Score.

GSE Adds New Members to its Board of Directors and Sales Team

The past two months have welcomed new talent to GSE. Meet some of our new faces.

Upcoming Events

GSE Awarded Two International Projects to Modernize Nuclear Simulators, Increasing Company Backlog by More Than $6 Million

nuclear plant simulationGSE has been awarded contracts to deliver technical engineering and software solutions to nuclear power plant customers in the UK and Japan.

In the UK, the customer is committed to providing world-class, accredited training programs to its operators and engineers. The scope of GSE’s work includes deployment of a high-value, state-of-the-art nuclear plant simulation system to replace legacy simulation models and computer hardware delivered in the early 1990s. The project also includes modeling a second unit of the plant so that site-wide event training can be conducted, and providing greater access to a high-fidelity training environment to more operators and engineers at the plant.

In Japan, GSE will provide a key nuclear plant operator with a modern simulator so that the customer may deliver more comprehensive training to operators and engineers in the post-Fukushima environment. The scope of work includes replacing all existing models of the customer’s existing simulator. With this major upgrade, in addition to providing new simulation capabilities to operators and engineers, the customer will benefit from GSE’s long-term maintenance of the systems, allowing for swift future technology upgrades required to meet evolving post-Fukushima industry regulations.

Both projects utilize GSE’s JADE™ simulation software, the leading high-fidelity nuclear power plant simulation software used for plant design and operator training. JADE provides the global nuclear power industry with a state-of-art software platform that simplifies creating and maintaining accurate models of plant configuration as they exist today and as the plants evolve through capital improvements over the years.

Read the full press release here.

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North Carolina State University (NCSU) Computer Simulation Laboratory Licenses GSE’s GPWR simulation technology

GPWR Simulation LaboratoryGSE executives Sean Fuller, Senior Vice President, Jay Umholtz, Vice President, and Scott Zepplin, Account Manager, were on hand to commission our GPWR simulator software at the dedicated of the new Dr. Thomas S. Elleman Computer Simulation Laboratory at NCSU with NCSU Department of Nuclear Engineering Head, Dr. Kostadin Ivanov and his staff on August 25, 2016.

The simulation laboratory includes 10 workstations, one GSE VPanel™ glass-top simulator and three IFE (‘Institute For Energy’) large screen displays all running GSE’s GPWR™ Generic Pressurized Water Reactor simulation technology. IFE is also a GPWR customer. The simulation laboratory is a centerpiece for NCSU’s Nuclear Engineering Department and an important tool in preparing students and researchers to work in and improve technology and processes in the energy industry.

The Carolinas’ energy economy trade association, E4 Carolinas, included a trip through the new simulation laboratory on its opening day as part of their E4 Carolinas Leadership Energy Carolinas Program. The program seeks to strengthen nuclear energy industry leadership performance through experiential learning. Group members included representatives from Duke Energy’s Harris Nuclear Power Plant.

David Doctor, E4 Carolinas President and CEO said, “The Carolinas is home to the largest concentration of nuclear power service companies in the world. Many of these companies collaborate to shape the curriculum of E4 Carolinas’ Leaders Energy Carolinas leadership development program, the premier nuclear-oriented leadership program in the Southeast. Understanding reactor research and being able to simulate reactor operation is important to these rising leaders’ development and can only be accessed in the Carolinas at North Carolina State University’s Department of Nuclear Engineering and via GSE Systems simulation technology lab at NC State.” For more information on E4 Carolinas visit

Sean Fuller, GSE’s Senior Vice President of Sales, said at the dedication, “Today is a great step forward for NCSU as they prepare their Nuclear Engineering Department undergrad and graduate students for careers in the energy industry. Whether they ultimately become operators, engineers, researchers or technicians, the hands-on experience they will have gained from the new Computer Simulation Laboratory will set them ahead of their peers and ensure that the nuclear plants receive the best quality candidates working with the latest technology. We are proud to be a part of Department’s vision led by Dr. Ivanov and his Staff to establish an innovative nuclear education program for the future. With the simulator, and the learning platform it provides, this is an exciting opportunity for the University to conduct outreach and innovation with other departments.”

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Customer Metrics


Customers surveyed said we EXCEEDED expectations for project value

Net Promoter Score

We’re proud to have a Net Promoter Score much higher than the Technology / Software / Hardware industry average of 38 and overall average of 44* (according to NPS Benchmarks® Annual Survey 2016)


Customers surveyed said we EXCEEDED expectations for cooperation and teamwork

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GSE Adds New Members to its Board of Directors and Sales Team

The past two months have welcomed new talent to GSE, as we have added new members to our Board of Directors and Sales Team.

Jim Stanker (I)


Mr. Stanker brings to GSE’s Board more than 30 years of strategic audit expertise and financial leadership with multinational corporations in the technology, manufacturing and commercial product industries. Jim Stanker was appointed as a Class I Director and member of the Audit Committee effective August 8, 2016. Read the full press release here.

Suresh Sundaram (I)


Dr. Sundaram has more than 25 years of experience in product development, sales operations, and marketing leadership, focused on simulation technology. Dr. Sundaram was appointed as a Class II Director and Chairman of the Nominating Committee effective September 14, 2016. Read the full press release here.

Tanner Mays

Account Manager, Power Generation

Tanner believes that the best path to success is by bringing true value to the customers he works with. He looks forward to providing that value through GSE’s simulation software and training solutions for his customers in the southern and western United States. Tanner has over 7 years of account management experience serving the Oil & Gas and Power industries.

Bryan Barrington

Process Sales Director

Bryan has a personal desire to provide performance focused solutions for his customers and is excited to help process plants around the globe fill a critical need in the training and development of their operators. He has over 20 years experience as a solutions provider for the process industry including previous experience at Emerson Process Management and GE.

Open Career Positions
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Upcoming Events

ENPPS 2016

Oct 5-7 – European Nuclear Power Plant Simulation Forum – Lyon, France

The 5th edition of the European Nuclear Power Plant Simulation Forum will bring together those who are involved with simulators, training personnel, training managers, and operation support managers. Read More

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Free White Paper: Entry2Expert® Innovation

A comprehensive human performance improvement program for developing a highly skilled workforce. Download Here
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