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GOSP Simulation Training Tool from GSE Systems Prepares Operators to Manage Critical Petroleum Process

Oct 15, 2013 | 2013, News

EnVision™ brand real-time simulation tool and CBT/tutorial provide interactive method for training GOSP operators without risk

SYKESVILLE, Md. – October 15, 2013 – According to the latest estimates, the global petrochemical industry is valued at US$472.06 billion, most of which is dependent on gas and oil from underground reservoirs. But the industry does not use crude directly from the well. The crude is first processed at a Gas Oil Separation Plant, which receives the mixture of gas, raw crude and water that comes out of the ground.

Many oil companies rely on on-the-job training to prepare their Gas Oil Separation Process (GOSP) operators – mostly because the previously available training tools have been insufficient or expensive. But this is a risky strategy for the first link in the petrochemical production chain that connects an oil well to all its downstream users.

Global energy service solutions provider GSE Systems, Inc. (NYSE MKT: GVP) has introduced two new EnVision training products: A GOSP dynamic simulation and an in-depth GOSP tutorial. Suitable for onshore and offshore oil recovery, GSE’s cost-effective GOSP training products allow oil companies to prepare new operators and to provide refresher training for experienced workers without risk of disrupting production or damaging equipment. GSE provides one of the most comprehensive GOSP simulations available, covering the wellhead, test and production separators, a coalescer, multistage gas compression, conditioning equipment (amine absorber and glycol dehydration package), a pipeline compressor.

The simulation is operated using intuitive, DCS-like graphics, instrumentation and trends. Instructors can create a large number of malfunction scenarios to test the operator’s ability to react to adverse conditions. The instructor can also change boundary conditions, such as raw feed stream composition (acid gas content, water/oil ratio, gas/oil ratio) and cooling water temperature to ensure the operator understands cause and effect relationships.

Trainees respond to instructor actions by making adjustments to ensure quality and throughput, while the simulation provides real-time, dynamic feedback on all operator actions. Trainees keep track of oil and gas characteristics including hydrocarbon dew point, water dew point, H2S and CO2 content, oil RVP, and water-in-oil, to keep gas and oil products on-spec. Students can also practice infrequent operations such as start-up, shut down and periodic checks on well output.

“Used together, the simulation and tutorial products represent one of the most complete and affordable GOSP training systems available today and it can significantly reduce training time,” said Bob Hebert, Product Manager at GSE Systems. “These tools help oil companies ensure that operators on oil platforms and in the field are competent. Because GOSP units are located right after the wellhead, they are critical to everything that follows. An upset can have a huge ripple effect, impacting the bottom line everywhere downstream. By investing in training, oil companies are protecting their longterm profitability.”

For more information on GSE’s simulation tool, go to

About GSE Systems, Inc.

GSE is a world leader in real-time high-fidelity simulation, providing a wide range of simulation, training, consulting and engineering solutions to the power and process industries. Its comprehensive and modular solutions help customers achieve performance excellence in design, training and operations.  GSE’s products and services are tailored to meet specific client requirements such as scope, budget and timeline.  The Company has over four decades of experience, more than 1,100 installations, and hundreds of customers in over 50 countries spanning the globe.  GSE Systems is headquartered in Sykesville (Baltimore), Maryland, with offices in Navarre, Florida and Beijing, China.  Information about GSE Systems is available at

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