Our experts deliver and support customized and end-to-end solutions that help customers achieve goals, reduce risk and optimize plant operations.

GSE Solutions

Solutions That Make A Difference

Our mission is to deliver advanced engineering and flexible workforce solutions that support clean energy production and the decarbonization of the power industry.

GSE has been successfully operating five business units under a single GSE Solutions brand since 2020. We have built a phenomenal roster of experts, innovative solutions, and services that the industry trusts and respects.

Moving forward, we have updated our trade names to support our growth better and reflect new areas of expertise each group represents. Legal entity names currently remain the same. The new names will not affect our group operations, which will remain intact; every employee is still more dedicated than ever and looks forward to continuing to serve you.

GSE Solutions is our corporate trade name that operates over two divisions:

A Powerhouse for Operations

GSE Engineering is a highly experienced team focused on creating innovative ways to meet our customers’ needs using a combination of our industry-leading services and products.

The GSE Workforce Solutions division identifies solutions and talent to address skill and labor gaps — ensuring our customers have the best people in place for operations to run smoothly.

GSE Solutions leverages top skills, expertise, and technologies to provide highly specialized solutions that allow our customers to generate power while boosting efficiency and reducing carbon emissions.

We support the continued safe and cost-effective operation of power generating facilities through engineered solutions and project management. Our engineering and workforce services boost customers’ agility and responsiveness and reduce risk and costs.

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