With decades of experience and leading experts, GSE Solutions creates simulators and solutions for safe and efficient hydro power generation.

Hydro Power Solutions

At the heart of all GSE power plant solutions is the industry’s most robust technology, enabling unmatched realism and depth of knowledge. Our platform includes process modeling tools needed to model a wide variety of power plant equipment and configurations with complete confidence in the model fidelity for training and engineering applications. Our vast experience with different types of control systems, including DCS, SCADA, and PLC, in our simulators allows us to build high-fidelity replica simulators to perfectly model your hydro power plant.  We also offer realistic interface options to reflect the system or systems you have in plant.

Our simulated hydro plants include the hydro turbine with its governing system, the gate operation Control System, the power generation and distribution system, as well as various auxiliary systems such as the lubrication oil system and cooling water system. Our solutions also include a Unit Operator Station/Gate Control Station, Switchyard Operator Station and an Instructor Station, for monitoring and controlling the training session.

Simulation Solutions

Full scope to modeling upgrades – providing the best in real-world plant simulation training.

Training Solutions

Creating agile, end-to-end training solutions that reduce risk and optimize performance.

Specialty Engineering

Mechanical, electrical, I&C, civil/structural and fire protection engineering.