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Simulation is not just for training

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Arab Water World Magazine | Page 19

Using a combination of full-scope generic simulators and custom Operator Training Simulators, new plants are more likely to reduce startup time and maintain budget. As the need for power and clean water increases in the gulf region, more cogeneration plants are being built. In addition to the need for new operators with practical knowledge of the desalination process these new plants will likely require many rounds of DCS verification and validation before the plant is built.

Custom, high-fidelity, full-scope OTS allows plants to dynamically build, test and run realtime simulation models for process specific units. The OTS provides engineers the ability to perform studies on design validation, as well as process scale-up evaluations, thus giving operators the opportunity to learn how to effectively run their facility with minimal process upsets as well as the ability to validate standard operating procedures and DCS design.

A full-scope, generic simulator will help employees apply their knowledge in a plant control room environment. They will learn the function and interaction of major plant systems, how they are controlled through digital control systems, how to perform common plant procedures and how to diagnose and troubleshoot problems. When the employee graduates from the use of a generic simulator, they become much more productive in a much shorter time. GSE Systems, Inc. has over four decades of experience in delivering simulation solutions to the energy and process industries.

AWW-logoArab Water World Magazine |Page 21
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