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Nuclear plant maintenance: There’s an app for that

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Nuclear News

The old saying “A picture is worth a thousand words” could not be more true than when applied to maintenance tasks. Although printed words can carry a great deal of information, adding pictures provides greater value for a worker who is disassembling, inspecting, and repairing a critical component.

Now imagine maintenance instructions delivered through a realistic, three-dimensional video, with audio narration offering step by-step guidance for performing work on a specific component, just as it would appear in a power plant or on a workbench.

A new software application provides just such a capability for the maintenance of a common component in nuclear power plants, air-operated valves (AOV). The prototype app, developed by EPRI’s Nuclear maintenance application center, includes the following:

  • User interaction to improve knowledge transfer and to provide practice on upcoming maintenance activities.
  • Component familiarization through interactive and animated 3-D cutaway views and exploded diagrams.
  • An immersive task-based trainer to properly disassemble, inspect, reassemble, and troubleshoot the AOV.
  • Pop-up boxes to alert users to important tasks and/or cautionary measures.

The app, which was developed and tested with significant input from Duke Energy, Exelon, Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power Company (KHNP), Électricité de France, Chubu Electric Power Company (Japan), and the Tennessee Valley Authority, is available in Windows and Android versions and can be downloaded for use on laptop and desktop computers or mobile tablets.

Three video clips from the AOV application have been posted to EPRI’s YouTube channel at . The clips are titled Air Operated Valve Overview, Air Operated Valve Removal, and Air Operated Valve Disassemble. Read More

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