Where will companies find the talent they need with ready-to-work skills? The military. Military men and women, who have completed their service, are a great fit for our industry and a pipeline of talent for the future.

Military veterans have technical skills that translate well into a variety of civilian careers. When considering these “second” careers, veterans look for work and a culture that suits them best.  Fortunately, renewable energy is an industry that needs skilled tradespeople and supervisors and appreciates and rewards many of the traits that carry over from military services.

Why hire veterans?

The same characteristics that are developed through military service is the foundation for a meaningful second career in construction. Collectively this makes veterans more likely to be able to hit the ground running.


  • Veterans work well as part of a team
  • Veterans are organized, respectful and self-disciplined
  • Veterans possess leadership abilities
  • Veterans have a sense of duty and take their responsibilities seriously
  • Veterans are excellent problem solvers
  • Veterans work independently and are resourceful

Many vets come away from their military service with experience. They’ve worked with engineers and building specialists as part of a military construction team. They are trained in carpentry, safety procedures, and pipefitting, wiring and electronics. The know how to read blueprints and drawings and have been responsible for millions of dollars of equipment and critical maintenance programs.

Take the next step

Many employers choose to create a military hiring program to attract skilled veterans. A formal program may include recruitment efforts, job fairs, HR processes, on-the-job training, and even mentoring. Other employers may commit simply to having veterans make up a certain percentage of their new hires each year. The choice is yours entirely, but that does not mean you need to be a trailblazer. Many companies and national organizations offer free resources to help companies navigate veteran hiring. Join the ranks of those in the construction industry who choose to tap into this pipeline of talent.

Finally, remember putting veterans and their spouses to work is one of the best ways we can say, “Thank you” for their service!

About GSE Absolute

GSE Absolute, founded in 1997 as a veteran-owned company and still veteran-managed today, has developed a successful veteran-hiring program called Vets On Call. As part of our process, we identify and screen veteran candidates who would be a great fit for our clients and assist veterans in transitioning military experience into civilian skills. Based in Navarre, FL with satellite offices in Tampa, Jacksonville, Houston, Los Angeles, Detroit and Philadelphia, GSE Absolute provides staff augmentation, direct hire recruiting and procedures training and certification services.

For further information or to schedule a call, please visit https://www.gses.com/people/vets-on-call/ or email Marc Samson: msamson@absoluteconsulting.com.