GSE’s new DMA-Plus offering uses advanced modeling technology to provide system and component working insights plus expert consulting to help plant managers resolve, verify and prepare teams to make more informed decisions.


Advanced Dynamic Model-Informed Analysis and Expertise for Efficient & Effective Problem Solving

Many power plants face technical and operational obstacles that traditional methods of problem-solving and analysis have been unable to overcome. This could be attributed to a lack of insight into the internal mechanisms of plant machinery or how different systems interact. As a result, these issues often lead to temporary solutions or a decline in plant efficiency.

GSE’s DMA-Plus offering uses GSE’s advanced Dynamic Model-informed Analysis (DMA) technology plus expert consulting to assist power plant managers in gaining system and component working insights to help resolve, verify or prepare teams to make more informed decisions.

DMA-Plus Offering

  • SMEs will evaluate your need to determine the level of support recommended requirements
  • Get a custom model that can be dynamically adjusted
  • The dynamic modeling environment will be used to adjust and test quickly, provide accurate troubleshooting and offer different scenarios for better decision-making easily
  • The model will provide visibility into the inner workings of equipment and system interactions that typical troubleshooting methods cannot (i.e., causes of vibrational phenomena, etc.)
  • SMEs will analyze data to help create accurate test output scenarios
  • Once created a plant operator, system engineer, or design engineer can easily take over model adjustments for future evaluations/analyses in real-time
  • Models can be repurposed and integrated into a plant simulator for higher-fidelity training

Modeling & Analysis Solutions

  • Modification Reviews & Upgrades
  • Digital Upgrades
  • Resolve Hard to Find System & Component Issues
  • System Verifications
  • Uncertainty Analysis
  • Independent Third-Party Reviews
  • Solve Sophisticated Calculations
  • Design Package Verifications
  • Virtual Commissioning
  • Plant Upgrade Accuracy
  • Project Derisking
  • Operability Determination
  • Use Cases and Safety Analysis
  • Better Decision-making Margins
  • Determine IST/ASME Program Requirements
  • Improve Simulator Training


June 27 at 11:30 am ET

Benefits of Using Advanced Dynamic Model-informed Analysis

Don’t miss our free 30-minute webinar to learn about the advantages of utilizing Dynamic Model-informed Analysis (DMA).

  • Hear directly from industry experts
  • Troubleshoot issues more efficiently and effectively
  • Verify systems and components faster
  • Make informed decisions, ensuring smooth plant operations
  • Real-world examples