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EnVision On-Demand

EnVision On-Demand provides anytime, anywhere access to rich learning content through a SaaS solution that integrates computer-based tutorials and simulations. Perfect to teach the fundamentals through unit operations to plant operators, engineers and management in the oil and gas, refining, LNG, and power industries.


Defined courses and performance measurement
for your plant workforce, from anywhere


Convenience to learn from anywhere, any time. No more going to the training center.

No IT requirement

Free yourself from the need to load software, manage firewalls and permissions, track versions, etc.


Accelerate competency through courses that progress from basic to advanced learning with tutorials and simulations.


Content validated by the world’s largest oil and gas companies and technical colleges who have used EnVision for over 20 years.


EnVision on-Demand is a course-based program that combines computer-based tutorials with high-fidelity simulation models. Students progress in a structured approach from a very fundamental understanding of equipment and system processes to advanced concepts.

Learning Management System

EnVision On-Demand comes with a LMS which can work as your platform or provide input into your specific LMS

  • Easily launch tutorials and simulation exercises from one cloud-based application
  • Blends both computer-based tutorials and simulations into a structured course
  • Measure pre-exercise and post-exercise understanding through prediction and observation sheets
  • Allows you to add your own content for a richer a learning environment


Content rich, self-paced tutorials teach fundamentals of various unit operations jobs and process controls to gain basic knowledge needed to progress to more process-specific instruction 

  • Teaches overview, key components, controls, typical startup/shutdown steps and troubleshooting
  • Quizzes and performance monitoring to ensure students are progressing
  • Blended learning (animation, text, graphics, audio) to ensure all learning styles are met


High-fidelity models of a wide variety of process systems, equipment and units of operation from process control to sophisticated upstream, refining and power generation plants

  • Safe learning environment for students to gain confidence
  • DCS type interface mimics modern controls
  • Predefined training exercises and the ability to create your own
  • Option for instructor-led or instructor-less training available


The metrics you need for continuous improvement 

  • Set assignments and objectives
  • Track student performance
  • Track department and site performance
  • Analyze challenging subjects

How it works

EnVision On-Demand courses seamlessly integrate our proven e-learning and simulations into an easy to use LMS. Students and instructors are provided with on-demand access to learning and administration tools.


Thoughtful combination of tutorial chapters and supporting simulation exercises, EnVision On-Demand courses progress in a logical manner with defined learning objectives. These courses are specifically designed for plant operator training, I&C and engineering training.

Process Fundamentals

For students and new plant operators needing to learn basic processes and controls.

  • Process Fundamentals I
  • Basic Controls
  • Instrumentation
  • Process Fundamentals II

Upstream Units

Teach LNG operators and engineers the key processes and equipment in separation and gas processing.

  • Gas/Oil Separation
  • Feed Gas Conditioning
  • Propane Refrigeration
  • NGL Fractionation

Equipment Operations

Learn the purpose and operation of the key equipment applicable to a variety of processes.

  • Compressor
  • Furnace
  • Boiler
  • Binary Distillation

Power Generation

Give power plant operators a fundamental understanding of key equipment, instrumentation and controls for a variety of power generation applications.

  • Process Fundamentals I
  • Turbines
  • Instrumentation
  • Furnace

Refinery Units

Train refinery plant operators and engineers from unit purpose to full range of unit operations and troubleshooting.

  • Crude Distillation
  • Sulfur Recovery
  • Hydrotreating
  • Amine Treating


Train olefins plant operators and engineers on basic plant equipment.

  • Acetylene Converter
  • Ethylene Heater
  • Ethylene Refrigeration
  • Furnace
  • Compressor
  • Depropanizer
  • Hydrogen


There’s an EnVision On-Demand course suitable for any level of plant operations and engineering personnel, whether you’re training seasoned refinery plant operators or LNG program students at a technical college.

New and Seasoned Plant Operators

New hires may lack the technical training to understand the “why” not just the “how”. Experienced operators will be challenged by a variety of off normal, abnormal and troubleshooting exercises.


EnVision progresses your team from the basics to more complex topics in the same learning environment.


Training new plant hires and providing continuous improvement training for seasoned workers takes a lot of planning, scenario creation, integration of material and technologies, all while monitoring results.


EnVision provides structured courses, and free-form training to adapt to the lifecycle of the worker.

Plant Engineers

Plant engineering workers come out of college with great engineering skills, but no practical knowledge of the plant systems.


EnVision provides plant engineers with a foundational understanding of upstream and refining processes so that their design decisions drive true operations value.


Students need a way to translate their book knowledge into the hands-on, practical skills needed to effectively enter the workforce upon graduation.


EnVision courses are used by technical colleges to prepare their students for oil and gas industry jobs in plant operations.