Self-Paced Procedure Tool

Get more out of your simulator with GSE’s Self-Paced Procedure software tool for fossil plants. Start improving procedure efficiency using your current simulator today!

Self-Paced Procedure Tool (SPPT)

for Fossil Plant Customers

Your plant simulator was costly and often only used a handful of times a year. Adding GSE’s affordable Self-Paced Procedure Training (SPPT) software subscription guarantees to improve your ROI and addresses any staff time and resource challenges.

SPPT will augments current operator simulator training using the JADE toolset, allowing your operators to digitize procedures and follow them without requiring instructor intervention.

Key Benefits

SPPT enables an individual operator to practice critical plant procedures without needing an instructor or secondary operator, ensuring your operators get more from your simulator while saving you money. Here’s how:

  • Improve plant performance by increasing competency around your critical plant procedures
  • Reduce costs per training hour through independent simulator use
  • Track results by receiving training outcome reports
  • Decrease the valuable time of your experienced operators and trainers

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