GSE Solutions is a full-service nuclear engineering firm with the capabilities to provide for both the temporary and permanent engineering demands of decommissioning.

Decommissioning Capabilities

GSE has years of experience in the building and maintaining of the US Nuclear Fleet affords us the reciprocal capabilities necessary to provide the engineering products necessary to support the safe and effective decommissioning plans of a nuclear facility. Our team of expert mechanical, electrical, structural, and environmental specialist provide a variety of support during each of the four major phases of decommissioning.

Management Services

  • Program Development
    & Audit
  • Integrated Monitoring
  • Waste Management
  • Remediation

Regulatory & Compliance

  • Regulatory Interface
  • Plant/Site License
  • Modification and
  • Regulatory Permitting
  • Environmental Assessments

Engineering Services

  • System/Structural Dismantlement
  • System Integration and Monitoring
  • System/Component Modification
  • Loading and Heavy Haul
    Route Calculations
  • Civil Fill Analysis/Planning

Temp/Perm Staffing

  • Engineering
  • Project Management
  • Construction Management
  • Construction Oversight
  • Quality Control
  • Project Controls
  • Clerical

Our Decommissioning Process

GSE provides the support in the development and implementation of the final shutdown and monitoring plan for your facility. Our experts help in the determination of the type of decommissioning plan that will be technically, socially, and economically sound. Complying with complex environmental regulations while striving to meet demanding schedules is challenging.

Our years of experience in the building and maintaining of the US Nuclear Fleet affords us the reciprocal capabilities necessary to develop specialized
Environmental Monitoring Programs that ensures regulatory compliance during all phases of the decommissioning process. We understand and provide the proper engineering tools necessary to ensure the plan will be executed properly, safely and effectively.

GSE is experienced with establishing and implementing the controls necessary to provide thorough, successful, and cost-effective Project Implementation Services. Our success is attributed to our ability of establish and maintain focus on leadership, objectives, realistic project planning, risk management, quality control, cost control, and schedule adherence. In addition, GSE has the capability of providing a full range of qualified, field experienced professionals and technical experts to augment a workforce and provide subject matter expertise throughout the decommissioning effort.

GSE will monitor waste management solutions throughout all phases of the plan to ensure that regulatory expectations are met. Our experts support
specific restoration and repurposing plans and help develop and implement a  maintenance monitoring program specific for the site.