Advanced Simulation Models

GSE engineers focus on creating the most accurate, highest-level of advanced modeling technologies on the market. We provide unparalleled accuracy and detail. Our team develops simulation tools using leading-edge computational methods, accelerating the development and deployment of nuclear power technologies for enhanced safety and security, cost-effective power production, and efficient use of natural resources.

GSE engineers develop tools to predict the performance, reliability and economics of advanced nuclear power plants. These computational tools allow researchers to test and explore in ways never before practical. These also offer a level of detail dictated by the governing phenomena, from important changes in the materials of a nuclear fuel pellet to the full-scale operation of a complete nuclear power plant.

Balance of Plant (BOP) Topmeret
Containment Systems MAAP5
Thermal-Hydraulic Models RELAP5
Reactor Core Model Replacement REMARK
Severe Accident Simulation (MAAP5) DesignEP/PSA-HD
Automated Testing / V&V SmartTutor/AST

 Idaho National Laboratory (INL) RELAP5

  • RELAP5-HD is the real-time implementation of the RELAP5 advanced thermal-hydraulic program.
  • RELAP5-HD can integrate with SimExec, OpenSim and 3rd party executives, enabling customers to gain benefit from the premier thermal-hydraulic code regardless of the simulation environment.

 Severe Accident Simulation

  • Simulator uses include interactive team training, severe incident management, plant design testing, and startup/shutdown optimization
  • Real-time response to operator actions and interactive instructor control ensure maximum training effectiveness and adaptability. Any scenario, no matter how complex or dangerous in a real plant, can be reproduced, monitored and varied in real-time, providing a valuable tool for training and plant engineering.
  • GSE has integrated other advanced codes such as MARS thermal-hydraulic code, developed by Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute (KAERI) in Korea, developed by Sandia Lab for application on severe accident modeling.
  • GSE offers two Severe Accident Modelling solutions based upon EPRI’s MAAP5 code. DesignEP is a desktop implementation that allows operators, emergency planning personnel and engineers an intuitive environment to monitor severe accident progression and experiment with mitigating responses.  PSA-HD integrates MAAP5 into the full scope simulator environment.

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GSE Engineering, Systems & Simulation group is a highly experienced team focused on creating innovative ways to meet our customers’ needs using a combination of our industry-leading services and products. We leverage specialized technology and expertise in simulation, modeling and on-demand learning to create agile, end-to-end training solutions that reduce risk and optimize performance.

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