TUES, OCT 25th

11:30 -12:15 (ET)

Cloud-based Dynamic Simulation

Classroom training can be time-consuming and costly. By adding cloud-based high-fidelity simulations and self-paced structured courses, it allows you to have quality training at a fraction of the cost…and so much more!

Learn how new technologies and online training tools can provide instruction anytime, anywhere, in support of work from home, shift work, a dispersed workforce, or individualized instruction plans.

EnVision is created by field experts and focused on the fundamentals of unit operations to plant operators, engineers, and management in the oil and gas, refining, LNG, and power industries using an engaging format that brings learning to life.

To learn more, during our webinar on October 25th – register now.

Used by top energy and petrochemical companies – You will learn more about a leading software platform offers training anytime and anywhere, allowing you to have flexibility to augment or substitute for in person training when it makes sense.

  • Offer more training, anytime
  • Train staff anywhere in the world
  • Augment or substitute for in-person training
  • Easy maintenance and high reliability