Balance of Plant (BOP)

GSE TrueNorth Balance of Plant (BOP) programs includes a team of industry experts focused on supporting the efficient and effective implementation of BOP programs. Our team has extensive utility experience having developed and implemented customized engineering solutions to support all aspects of plant programs. Active participation in industry activities staying current with the latest technology developments and programmatic expectations is a cornerstone of our approach. The primary focus of our BOP team includes:

Balance of Plant Programs

  • Flow Accelerated Corrosion (FAC) Programs
  • Erosion / Mechanical Degradation Programs
  • Underground Piping and Tank Programs
  • Raw Water & Service Water Programs
  • Heat Exchanger Programs

As part of GSE Solutions group, GSE TrueNorth supports operational excellence in the power industry. They  leverage decades of specialized expertise in thermal performance and engineering programs that refine and update systems, to optimize performance and safety.