GSE Services Support Topical Report for using Data Validation and Reconciliation for Measurement Uncertainty Recapture

DVR is the new elite standard for optimizing plant performance in the nuclear power industry and can now be used to implement uprates of up to approximately 1.4%.

GSE Awarded $1.1 Million in In-Service Inspection and In-Service Testing Service Contracts

The award is to provide In-Service Inspection (ISI) and In-Service Testing (IST) updates for two US nuclear power customers.

GSE Wins Recent Simulation Awards Worth $4 Million

Recent awards reinforce the importance of high-fidelity simulation systems, proving that GSE’s technology and services continue to be used beyond traditional training as digital upgrades and systems are integrated into the nuclear fleet.

GSE Awarded up to $15M to Support Nuclear Power Plant Main Control Room Modernization Project

GSE awarded contract worth up to $15M for procedure and training support for a leading nuclear power plant operator.

Utilities Service Alliance Selects GSE Solutions as a Specialty Engineer of Choice

GSE had been selected by Utilities Service Alliance, Inc. (USA) to be a Specialty Engineer of Choice (EOC) supplier.

GSE Engineering Shows Momentum with Over $1M in New Nuclear Programs Service & Support Wins

GSE showed positive momentum with several new customer service and support wins.

Using AMSE PTC 6 Testing to Improve Steam Turbine Performance

Check out our latest article in the August 2023 issue of POWER Magazine.

7 Reasons a Second Simulator Makes Sense

Is your simulator becoming a bottleneck that risks your training success? Many utilities ask themselves that same question. Here are seven reasons your peers considered coming to this critical conclusion.



Which I/O System is right for your simulator?

IO problems causing simulator downtime? In this blog we discuss the pros and cons of custom vs modular IO systems and compare some of the most well-known modular IO system providers.

7 Reasons a Second Simulator Makes Sense

There’s no doubt that your Nuclear Power Plant simulator is one of your most valuable and heavily used training resources.

Tips for Planning Your Second Simulator Project

We're halfway through the first full-scope nuclear power plant simulator project the US has seen in years and letting you in on 3 tips to help you prepare for and plan your second simulator project.