Future of Power Operations

GSE Solutions are the future of operational excellence in the power industry. As a unified group GSE leverages their expertise and technology to provide highly specialized solutions that allow customers to achieve the performance they imagine. The experts at GSE Solutions deliver and support end-to-end training, engineering, compliance, performance and staffing solutions that help the power industry reduce risk and optimize plant operations.

People : Experts + Staffing

Our people are experts in your operations and can help with all aspects required to run your plant from temp to perm.


Proven plant programs benchmarked and designed to help operators with regulatory requirements and to improve  performance.


Products : Systems + Software

Leading high-fidelity simulation, performance and employee training tools designed to optimize plant efficiency and reduce risk.


GSE Solutions Group

Decades of specialized expertise in plant performance and regulatory engineering programs that refine and update systems, to optimize performance and safety.

Technology and expertise in power plant simulation, modeling and on-demand learning to create agile, end-to-end training solutions that reduce risk and optimize performance.

As an Engineer-of-Choice provider, DP leverages specialized, high value engineering design and services to create agile, end-to-end solutions that optimize plant performance.

Our large trusted network of technical expertise in staffing, training, and consulting to provide flexibility in hiring and alleviate pressure from an aging workforce.

A trusted network of highly specialized field expertise in staffing, training, and consulting to lift pressure from plants with an aging workforce or critical operational gaps.


GSE and ABB Bailey Japan Announce Strategic Collaboration for Thermal Simulation to Japanese Power Market

COLUMBIA, MD – March 30, 2020 – GSE Systems, Inc. (GSE Solutions or GSE) (Nasdaq: GVP) a leader in delivering and supporting end-to-end training, engineering, compliance, simulation, and workforce solutions to the power industry, today announced a strategic collaboration with ABB Bailey Japan to jointly develop high-fidelity operation training simulators with ABB Bailey’s industry-leading distributed […]


ANS Annual Meeting

Jun 7-11, 2020 – Phoenix, AZ
Sponsored by GSE Solutions


Online Distance Learning for Operators and Engineers is the Easy Alternative

Social distancing due to Covid-19 is disrupting work processes…

Helping thermal power plants operate ‘closer to the edge’ – Profitability in a dynamic load environment

Conventional power plants burning coal and natural gas need to seize every opportunity to be profitable in this new energy era.

Increasing ROI through Simulation and the "Digital Twin"

The term "digital twin" is the new buzz word in the industry, but the technology is not new. Thinking of your simulator as a digital twin brings a whole new set of possibilities for testing and training.