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EnVision: e-Learning & Universal Simulations

We develop state-of-the-art, comprehensive, standardized dynamic Universal Simulations and e-Learning (Tutorials/CBTs) for operator training, serving oil & gas (upstream), refineries, petrochemical and power plants, and technical colleges.

EnVision-Distillation-Tutorial sm EnVision-Distillation-Depropanizer-Simulation sm

Click the thumbnail above to view our EnVision™ Distillation Depropanizer Tutorial demo


Distillation Depropanizer Simulation

 Our products will help you:

  • Support your business units to achieve your goals and to meet target production levels in a safe, reliable, cost-effective and efficient way;
  • Improve performance (individual, departmental, or organizational);
  • Accelerate operator training; and
  • Train new as well as experienced operators.
Our products are designed to help trainees:
  • Master the foundational competencies of process operations;
  • Deliver critical knowledge; and
  • Improve skills and confidence.


Trainees come away with the foundational knowledge, skills, and behavioral attitudes to:Operate their processes in a safer and more reliable manner;

  • Produce on-spec products; and
  • Lower environmental incident rates.

For competency-based adult learning, a blended approach (e-learning, classroom, one-on-one) is more appropriate for an individual's style of learning. EnVision products utilize four key learning styles that are ideal for blended learning:

  • Auditory learning
  • Visual learning
  • Kinesthetic learning
  • Cerebral learning

Universal Simulations

Our PC-based, comprehensive, standardized, real-time dynamic simulation models allow trainees to practice startup, shutdown, normal operations, recovery from malfunctions, and other unit operations. They learn diagnostic and troubleshooting skills that transfer directly to the real plant.

EnVision-Crude-Distillation-Unit-simulation sm Simulation-Instructor-Trainee-Version
Crude Distillation Unit Simulation Instructor-Trainee Mode with Dual Monitors


  • Simulation control with pause, resume and acceleration
  • Multiple initial conditions
  • Snapshots
  • Equipment and instrument malfunctions
  • Scenarios
  • User-changeable battery limits
  • Online help
  • User log
  • Stream/lab summary and analysis
  • Printing and logging functios


  • DCS-like, with generic instrument and graphic displays
    • Process graphics
    • Alarm summary
    • Instrument groups
    • Historical trends
    • Unique internal process information
    • Pop-up instruments
  • Learning management software allows an instructor to register trainees and monitor their logs
  • Available in metric and English units

Our models accommodate both self-teaching and instructor-led training. With two versions to choose from, GSE EnVision has the flexibility you need for your training program and your trainees.

e-Learning Tutorials/CBTs

The multimedia-based, self-paced tutorials teach fundamentals of various unit operations and process controls.

  • Delivered using voice, video, animation and graphics
  • Provides focused and structured learning
  • Develops mental models for unit operations
  • Teaches:
    • "Why" and develops reasoning skills
    • Principles of operations
    • Cause and effect relationships
  • Pre/post tests
  • Review questions
  • Learning management software that allows an instructor to register trainees and monitor their performance
  • Available in English, Chinese, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Spanish, and Swedish

Tutorials can be installed as a standalone application on PCs or can be delivered via your Web server.

Visit our products page to learn more about our specific EnVision solutions.