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Help your operators become experts at running your plant

At 2 a.m., the most important person in your plant is your control room operator. When a crisis hits, you need your operator to make critical decisions quickly. Our custom plant training simulators make sure they are up to the task.

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Now you can leverage your investment in your full-scope plant simulator to create training scenarios around real events and operating conditions. Capture and retain the knowledge of your most experienced operators and make it a part of your curriculum. Custom plant simulation teaches your people how to operate with confidence and skill. Employees make the leap to expert and get the experience they need to be ready for whatever happens.



Using our powerful JADE or Xtreme software, we can build you a new plant simulator or upgrade your existing model. Our global team has extensive experience in plant simulation, including first-of-a-kind plants where simulation helps finalize a design. You can be sure that, with GSE’s technology behind it, your simulator will deliver world-class fidelity and modeling accuracy. And GSE is backed by global resources that you can count on for support.

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operator and shift supervisor

Meet John.

John’s been an operator and shift supervisor for 35 years. He’s operated multiple process units, maintained equipment and ensured the safe, continuous production of on-spec products. That includes seven turnarounds and scores of unplanned shutdowns and incidents.

John mentored dozens of operators and turned them into experts.

Now John is gone. He retired to the beach just as he always dreamed. Who is going to fill John’s boots?

control room operator

Meet Luis.

Luis is a sharp young man with big dreams. He wants to start his career at the local refinery and work his way up to control room operator. But he has one problem – experience.

He studied hard and did well in school. He even attended a local technical college. How does he translate the book knowledge into practical skills for the refinery?

How can Luis get the training he needs to become a contributing employee as quickly as possible?

Nuclear Power Plant

Nuclear Power Plant Simulator

Not all nuclear simulation technologies are the same. Students and instructors alike must believe their power plant simulator truly reflects behavior across the entire range of operations. To achieve this, GSE’s training system technology starts with the most robust engineering approach possible.

By using state-of-the-art modeling tools, industry best engineering codes, and years of nuclear energy expertise, GSE simulators are able to achieve unparalleled fidelity and realism. Add to that ease of use and productivity tools for the instructor, and you will understand why GSE has delivered more nuclear power plant simulators than any other company in the world.

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Nuclear Simulation
Nuclear Simulation
Nuclear Simulator
Nuclear Simulation
Thermal Power Plant

Thermal Power Plant Simulator

Instructors, operators and engineers at your CCGT, SCGT, and coal-fired power plants need a full understanding of plant behaviors — from startup to shutdown and through normal and abnormal operations and different levels of generation. Your training environment must provide the realism that empowers them to:

  • Diagnose and correct problems in live situations
  • Reduce undue stress on equipment
  • Ensure safe and efficient operation

At the heart of all our thermal power plant simulator solutions is the industry’s most robust technology, enabling unmatched realism and depth of knowledge. Our clients can extend the use of their simulators to include engineering studies, control system modification testing, procedure development, and alternate operating strategy evaluations.

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Thermal Power Simulation
Thermal Power Simulator
Thermal Power Simulator
Thermal Power Simulator
Petroleum Plant

Petroleum Plant Simulator

Learning by doing is one of the most effective methods for students to retain knowledge and sharpen skills. To optimize your training investment, GSE offers a variety of high-fidelity oil and gas and refining simulation solutions. We provide everything from fundamental equipment operation to complex refining processes. And it’s all designed to deliver the right type of training at the right step in the learning process.

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Petroleum Simulation
Training Simulator
Petroleum Simulation