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How are you going to fill the boots??

Oil and Gas

GSE simulation solutions address all aspects of the upstream and downstream oil & gas industryThe alarming facts are that 50% of the oil and gas workforce is expected to retire within the next 10 years, and 22,000 experienced geoscientists and engineers are expected to retire from the oil and gas industry by 2015. Only 17,000 young petroleum professionals are expected to enter the industry by then. How will the industry fill the gap of 5,000 workers and, equally important, how will companies replace the knowledge and experience walking out the door?

GSE sees technology-driven training as the key to building a workforce capable of handling the energy industry of the future. Experiential learning has proven to be one of the most effective methods for learning and information retention. It is routinely used in complex industries where safety and worker reliability count most. GSE's simulation training is experiential learning. Along with oil and gas simulators, customers will see additional benefit by blending simulation with other modes of learning.

These modes include computer-based learning, generic simulation, custom simulation and 3D visualization training. Trainers will find the fastest path to building competency for both control board operators and engineers with these types of mixed-media programs.

GSE simulation solutions are available to address all aspects of the upstream and downstream oil and gas industry:

The next generation of workers is accustomed to visual learning, having been raised with video and computer games. GSE has combined its high-fidelity simulation models with photo-realistic visual environments, enabling students to "see" how plants work. GSE's Activ3Di™ 3D visualization and virtual simulation  provide interactive learning with more capability and benefits than any other learning system.