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Help your operators maintain precise control of your facility

In industry, the careful measurement and control of plant processes and equipment is imperative to safely produce the correct product at the required specification. GSE will help you get it right.

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With increased pressure on manufacturers to reduce costs and waste, a good control system offers the means to regulate and monitor operations and identify inconsistencies. But your control system is only as good as the instrumentation it uses to measure and control process variables and the quality of the information it delivers to your operators. So selecting the right partner for instrumentation, control and automation engineering is critical to your success. GSE Systems has over 40 years’ experience in providing instrumentation engineering and control engineering services to a variety of industries. Our engineers have successfully delivered turnkey projects for DCS, PLC and SCADA-based systems. These installations include expansion, upgrade and migration and custom automation systems – from client concept to design and delivery.

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Meet Olivia.

Olivia is an HSE manager at a chemical processing facility that must comply with a variety of regulations regarding hazardous work environments. She is charged with the safety of the workers and responsible for making sure that the plant is compliant. But Olivia has a problem. Workforce attrition has left her with an engineering support staff that is overburdened. There’s no way to handle the critical work that must be done. How can Olivia maintain a safe working environment?

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Meet Abir.

Abir is plant manager at a fossil fuel power plant undergoing an automation upgrade to a new DCS. That means the plant will be down and not generating revenue. His operators will need to be re-trained on how to best operate the upgraded system. Abir needs to get back online fast with as few delays as possible despite the complexity of the project. Is there a way to help ensure Abir’s capital project is completed on-time and on budget?

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Meet Carl.

As an operations manager, Carl is tasked with seamless operations while improving performance. He’s trying to maintain production, upgrade new technology and deal with special projects. These projects require special design and engineering skills, but he has neither the budget nor the desire to bring on full-time experts. He also needs professional project management today and continuity when he has new projects down the road. Is there a way to get workers who can support him today and be there in the future? Where can Carl find such “flexible expertise”?

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Meet Max.

Max is decommissioning manager at a nuclear power plant scheduled for shut down. He is facing a long list of challenges. Staff morale and focus. Commitments to the grid. New operating philosophies, procedures and regulations. As Max answers some tough questions, he must find the safest, most efficient way to balance a variety of competing needs. But where can Max find support?

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Petroleum IC&A Engineering

The oil and gas sector is undergoing unprecedented change – volatile oil prices, fluctuating customer demand, environmental concerns and geopolitical uncertainty. At the same time, it is becoming more difficult to maintain margins and safe operation due to greater pressure from tight CAPEX and OPEX budgets, falling headcounts, the loss of skilled workers, and increasingly complex regulations. Our consultants and engineering teams bring decades of experience in the petroleum sector and provide the skills and resources to help you comply with legislation, improve safety, and drive down capital and operational costs. All while enhancing the performance, reliability and functionality of your control, instrumentation and automation assets.

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Manufacturing IC&A Engineering

Compliance with the latest regulations governing the design, installation and operation of instrumentation, control and automation systems is becoming a tough challenge for manufacturers. This situation is often compounded by a lack of specialized compliance and engineering knowledge or practical experience among in-house operations and maintenance teams. That’s where we can step in. Our consultants and engineering teams work closely with you to design, install, commission and maintain standard or custom DCS, PLC and SCADA systems. You get support to expand, upgrade or migrate existing systems, helping you meet the changing technical, commercial or regulatory requirements of your market.

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