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Downloads for Petroleum Industry

Brochures & Datasheets

pdf-icon-smWhat’s keeping you up at night? GSE helps improve the performance of your people and your plant.

pdf-icon-smJPro™ Dynamic Simulation Software

pdf-icon-smEnVision™ – Operator Training Solutions

pdf-icon-smAcetylene Converter

pdf-icon-smEthylene Heater

pdf-icon-smEthylene Refrigeration

pdf-icon-smAmine Treating

pdf-icon-smFeed Gas Conditioning

pdf-icon-smGlycol Dehydration

pdf-icon-smGas Oil Separation Process

pdf-icon-smPropane Refrigeration



pdf-icon-smBlending: Gasoline and Fuel Oil

pdf-icon-smCrude Distillation

pdf-icon-smAtm and Vac Crude Distillation

pdf-icon-smAtm and Mild Vacuum Crude Distillation with Gas Plant

pdf-icon-smAtm and High Vacuum Crude Distillation

pdf-icon-smDelayed Coker

pdf-icon-smFluidized Catalytic Cracker


pdf-icon-smDiesel Hydrotreater with Vacuum Drier

pdf-icon-smHydrogen with PSA Purification

pdf-icon-smHydrogen with Methanator

pdf-icon-smPumps – Tutorial

pdf-icon-smCatalytic Reforming – Continuous Regeneration

pdf-icon-smCatalytic Reforming – Fixed Bed

pdf-icon-smSulfur Recovery

pdf-icon-smSulfur Recovery – Tail Gas Treating


pdf-icon-smUtility Boiler

pdf-icon-smAmine Treating with LPG Contactor

pdf-icon-smCompressor with Lube/Seal Oil

pdf-icon-smDistillation (Depropanizer)

pdf-icon-smDistillation Emergency Response Management Simulation

pdf-icon-smNatural Draft Furnace

pdf-icon-smProcess Control Fundamentals Simulation

pdf-icon-smProcess Fundamentals-I Simulation

pdf-icon-smProcess Fundamentals-II Simulation

pdf-icon-smProcess Overview – Tutorial

pdf-icon-smProcess Control Basic Concepts Tutorial

pdf-icon-smProcess Control Basic Concepts Tutorial with APCL

pdf-icon-smProcess Control Advanced Concepts Tutorial

pdf-icon-smProcess Control Advanced Concepts Tutorial with Simulation

pdf-icon-smBinary Distillation

pdf-icon-smEnVision™ – Operator Training Solutions for Oil & Gas Production, NGL and LNG

pdf-icon-smEngineering Simulator Brochure

pdf-icon-smLNG Unit (Single Mixed Refrigerant)

pdf-icon-smNGL Unit (Gas Plant)

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